Create overload in SSG
Exercise - Create overload in SSG

Two teams 3v3 / 4v4 / 3v4.. Pitch, with 2 small goals, is divided into two part. The size of the pitch is depended on the skills of the players. Teams start the game in the 3v1 situation on each zone. Players have to keep possession until the second one attacker comes with the support and then they can start to attack to create an overload on the defensive zone of the opponent.

Coaching points:

Possession team: keep the possession and be patience. Wait for the next attacker and then can attack. Watch and read the situation during the game.

Non-possession team: be aware of your team activity and try to catch the ball to score, before the opponent start attack. Important is to organize collective pressing.

Parameters of the exercise
Discipline of sport: Football
Category: Taktyka > Offensive
Age category: All
Time of exercise: 20 minutes
Number of repeats: 1 times
Break time: 0 seconds
Intensity range: 100 - 100 %
Tags: ND
Equipment: ND