Horizontal overload SSProgGame
Exercise - Horizontal overload SSProgGame

Two teams 4v4 - 6v6 play on wide pith with 4 goals. 

The possession team tasks.

The point of the game is to create a free sector on the side to let the wing player create a free space to score.

Possible to use one or two jokers if needed.

Use defender as an intermediate point between left and right side.

Technical skills needed: quick long bypass by one or two-touch, first touch forward.

The non-possession team tasks

Keep compact shape to realize press/delay, defensive coverage, to start the counterattack.

It's possible to put one attacker between the goals as a support player to activation the 3rd man running concept.

Parameters of the exercise
Discipline of sport: Football
Category: No category
Age category: All
Time of exercise: 20 minutes
Number of repeats: 1 times
Break time: 0 seconds
Intensity range: 0 - 100 %
Tags: ND
Equipment: ND